The Maryknights ~ Fr. Rosensteel Council K of C #2169

The Maryknights have supported many local organizations through the years: Mid County United Ministries; Kids In Need Distributors (KIND); Jubilee Association of Maryland; The Gabriel Project; Birthright; Sacred Heart Home; In The Name Of The Mother: Christ Child Society; Spirit Club Foundation; St. Joseph's House; Crossways Community; Montgomery Hospice; Holy Cross Hospice; Shepherd's Table; San Miguel School; Casey House; Cardinal O'Boyle Home for Priests; Little Sisters of the Poor; Catholic Student Center at Maryland University; The 4 Corners Pub food initiative to feed hospital workers; Comfort Cases and more.

Current Charitable Involvements

Comfort Cases continue their wonderful efforts in packing backpacks for children and young adults entering the Foster Care system. During this time of quarantine, if you care to learn more about them or donate to them directly, you may do so on their website: 


On that site you will also see a link to a "Wish List" they have on Amazon. You can order items needed from Amazon and they will ship directly to Comfort Cases. 

As their mission statement shares, "no child should have to enter the foster system and go to a strange new home with nothing but a trash bag filled with a few items of clothing. Comfort Cases makes sure they have new pajamas, personal toiletries, toothbrush, soap, pens and pencils, a journal or coloring book, and a new stuffed animal, all packed in a bright new backpack.

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